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Being a Landlord: What You Need to Know

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Whether you see real estate as an investment opportunity or you’re looking for ways to pay the mortgage on your old home as you wait for the seller’s market to rebound, you may have considered being a landlord.

Being a landlord, of course, is about more than just collecting a rent check every month. In the following posts, we’ll explore some of the unique issues landlords face and show you what it takes to be a successful landlord. We’ll look at:

  • The benefits and pitfalls of being a landlord: The rent money is great, but what are some of the negative aspects? You’ll want to know about these issues well before becoming a landlord.
  • How to find a good renter: Good renters make being a landlord much easier, so we’ll show you how to find the best ones.
  • Things to tell a new renter: Setting expectations ahead of time will help foster good relations with your renters. Here are five things you should tell anyone who rents from you.
  • How to be a good landlord: Good renters make everything easier, so how do you return the favor? We’ll show you how in this post.
  • How insurance works: Insurance is an important part of the equation for both landlords and tenants. Our experts weigh in on what’s required, what’s advised and which policies you should require your renters to carry.

Being a landlord can generate some extra money on the side. It’s an exciting opportunity, so let’s learn more about being a landlord.

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