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Pressed for Time? Check Out These Timesavers

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Stretched for time? Then check out these four features from ERIE designed to help you save time, money—and perhaps a little sanity.

Online Bill Pay

The lowdown: Forget about the stamps, the envelope and the trek to the post office. With ERIE’s free online bill pay, you can instantaneously pay your premium with just a couple clicks. Acceptable forms of payment include checking, savings and MasterCard or Visa credit/ debit cards.

The logistics:  Simply go to and click Pay My Bill. You’ll need to enter either your policy number or your account number, so make sure to have those handy.

Direct Repair

The lowdown: While you’re free to take your damaged car to any repair facility, there are several advantages to ERIE’s Direct Repair Program (DRP). Our trusted network encompasses more than 1,500 independent repair shops, all of which meet our high standards and offer a lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

DRP shops also offer convenience. In addition to letting you bypass getting an estimate from a claims adjuster, DRP shops also help you schedule a rental car and take care of billing ERIE. Research shows that DRP customers are not only happier with the repair process than non-DRP Customers—they also experience fewer delays and shorter rental car durations.

The logistics: To learn more, visit the Car Repair Options in the Auto Insurance section of This page also links to the DRP locator.

Customer Service Call Back

The lowdown: Suppose you want an ERIE Customer Advocate to call you at a specific time. Or you don’t want to be on hold for even a few seconds. (That’s typically all it takes since ERIE answers 80 percent of calls within 40 seconds.)  If so, then feel free to let us know when you want to get a ring.

The logistics: Click the “Want to talk? We’ll call you.” button on the home page. Once you do, simply let our team know your name, policy number, phone number, reason for your call and your preferred time to talk.

Life Insurance Calculator

The lowdown: While it’s always best to talk to your trusted ERIE Agent about life insurance coverage, you can get a fast overview of the level you need with ERIE’s Life Insurance Calculator.  The online tool quickly computes the right level of coverage for you and your family based on your answers to a few targeted questions.

The logistics: Visit the Life Insurance and Retirement section of From there, simply click on the Life Insurance Calculator. It only takes a few minutes to answer the assessment questions and learn more about ERIE’s competitive life insurance rates.

Have further questions about any of these?  Call us today at 410-897-9890.

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