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Tips to Eating Healthier This Holiday Season

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Are you excited for the holiday season and everything that comes with it? Although it is a time to embrace and enjoy family, some people focus a lot on their health and well being. Overeating during special occasions can be a bad habit, but can be easily turned around with some of the following tips:

•    When eating your favorite foods, which may not be very healthy, slow down and take fewer bites. This can help you with portion and calorie control, as well as allow you to savor what you love about the holidays.

•    Choose water, flavored water, apple cider, or diet soda at any holiday event. Alcohol and eggnog are typically very high in calories, so avoiding them is your best option. If you must have a drink, limit yourself to one.

•    If you are concerned about what will be served at a party, bring your own food. Ask ahead of time if you can bring an appetizer or dessert, and then choose a healthy recipe. Doing so will ensure that there is something there you can eat without feeling guilty.

If you prepare yourself with these helpful tips, you may find it easier to avoid temptation when it comes your way. Maintaining a healthy diet for your body and mind will allow you enjoy the holidays much more so you can create lasting memories with those you love!

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