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Where Annuities Fit Into Your Investment Strategy

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Because annuities can offer a steady stream of income over time, they can be a part of nearly any financial strategy. But whether you should add annuities to your strategy depends very much on your particular financial circumstances. Here are a few of the questions you should ask yourself when considering an annuity:

  • Financial needs. Consider two things: current needs (the ones you have right now) and potential needs (financial issues that could conceivably crop up in the near future). Some annuities can pay out immediately, while others take decades to pay.
  • Long-term goals. Some people want to spend their retirement cruising the French Riviera in the lap of luxury, while others prefer a more modest lifestyle. Whatever future you see for yourself, you need to make sure you’re putting aside adequate funds to keep living the life you want. Annuities can help provide a steady income for day-to-day expenses, but probably shouldn’t be your only form of retirement funding.
  • Planning strategies. Take a good long look at your current portfolio. Are your investments high risk or are you mostly playing it safe and conservative? A good portfolio should include strategies across the spectrum of risk.   By definition, fixed annuities are a form of low risk. How does that fit into your larger financial picture?

No matter what’s currently in your portfolio, chances are that an annuity can help you achieve your financial goals. Give CNR Insurance a call, and let’s have a longer conversation about your retirement, and how annuities can help you live the life you want. You can reach us at 410-897-9890.

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