Insurance for dry cleaners in Annapolis, MD, Arnold, MD, Severna Park, MD, Laurel, MD and Burtonsville, MD.

Providing service for your customers is what your Dry Cleaning business is all about. Your customers depend on your high quality standards. Your store location is the hub of your business. It’s where you work with your customers, store your records and house the equipment that keeps your operations running smoothly.

If a fire in your building shut down your business for two months, would you want your insurance to pay for lost income and key employee salaries? If that same fire damaged your customer’s clothing, would you want your insurance company to pay the replacement cost for each and every garment without regard to a limit? Or what if that same fire caused a chemical spill? Would you want your insurance to not only pay for the clean-up, but defend you as well if a liability claim were to arise?

At CNR Insurance, we offer customized protection like this using a handful of carriers that have proven they have the coverage forms and expertise to insure your Dry Cleaning business.

Insuring through CNR Insurance:

We know Dry Cleaners! Because we insure several and have a great understanding of your business operations, CNR Insurance is able to negotiate outstanding discounts and benefits with leading insurance companies. New in business? No problem. We know what questions to ask to make the underwriting process go more smoothly for you.

We are willing to build the policies as your needs develop. Ok, you’ve signed-your lease with the landlord and your loan documents with your bank. The lease requires you to have insurance. The bank requires you to have insurance, but you haven’t even begun to work in the space yet. Do you need to start out and pay for the insurance you’ll eventually end up wanting/needing? No, not with us. We will take the time to understand your unique situation and coordinate with your landlord & lender to make sure you have what is required, when it’s required. By building the policy up over time this way, you will save money!

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CNR Insurance offers comprehensive insurance for dry cleaners in Annapolis, MD, Arnold, MD, Severna Park, MD, Laurel, MD, Burtonsville and other areas of MD, VA and DC.