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Sign up for our Key Tag Program.

Key Tag Program - View of an Agent Handing a Smiling Young Woman her New House Keys

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Our popular key tag program is a practical solution to a common problem. Sign up now for this free service.

What is our Key Tag Program?

Please sign up for our lost and found key chain tag program. This is our gift to you. Here’s how it works:

  • You lose your keys.
  • Prompted by a REWARD, the finder of your lost keys contacts our agency by phone.
  • We ask for the security tag number, the finder’s name, address and phone number.
  • We relay this information to you.
  • You phone the finder, arranging return of your keys in return for a small reward (usually $5 to $25 dollars).

This system really works!

To assure maximum security in this transaction, the finder will not be provided with your telephone number, address, etc.

The average recovery time is just a shade under 2 hours! This quick return of your keys does away with duplication of lost keys and immediately eliminates the thought that they may have ended up in the wrong person’s hands.

We encourage you to take advantage of this protection method! You’ll feel safer when you do. This tag is provided as a service of CNR Insurance, Inc. and is at NO COST to you! Should you need additional tags, just give us a call.

AND REMEMBER, your key tag serves another purpose. Our phone number is handy when you want to call us for service. Our toll-free number 866-790-3743 is stamped right on your tag!

Sign up for our Key Tag Program

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