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Angry Man at the MVA

By January 26, 2018November 15th, 2023No Comments

This is a funny and sad short story, really. The other day I had to go the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration to return some tags. As I sat there waiting for my number to be called for service, I witnessed a man who was with a teller and he was obviously frustrated. However, it’s not what you might be thinking… he wasn’t necessarily upset with the teller, but rather his insurance company.

It appeared as though he had his auto insurance company on the phone and he was going through a series of voice recognition prompts. The computer apparently just couldn’t understand him and he couldn’t get to a live person. Worst of all, all he needed was his policy number. He eventually started yelling into the phone which gathered the attention of many around… “POLICY NUMBER! POLICY NUMBER! REPRESENTATIVE! REPRESENTATIVE!”   The man was about to blow his top and I really, truly felt for him because we have all been there with one company or another. Self-service and annoying phone trees are far too common now-a-days. Sometimes you wonder… how did we get here and where has the personal service gone?

Well, there is good news! It doesn’t have to be like that with your insurance company and you don’t have to pay more for it. When you call CNR Insurance, you’ll get a live person pretty quickly as personal service is our hallmark here. If what I described above sounds like your company, please consider giving us a try. Our phone number is 410-897-9890 and we will not only answer the phone, but we may very well surprise you with our personalities and insurance offerings, as well.

Bill Reagle

Agency Principal

CNR Insurance

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