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Avoid an Electric Shock After an Accident

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Car accidents are scary. And they can be even scarier if they involve a utility pole that’s charged with electricity. Reduce the risk of shock after a vehicle-utility pole crash with these safety rules:

If you’ve hit a pole, stay inside the car and call 911 from your cell phone or yell for help.
Never leave the vehicle until a utility line crew arrives to de-energize the line and tell you when it’s safe. Tell your passengers to stay in the car, too.

In the rare case of a fire, jump out of the vehicle as far as possible and land with both feet on the ground. Then, shuffle or hop away with both feet touching the ground simultaneously.

Never touch any downed utility pole or wire. Always assume energized electricity is running through them.

Stay clear from all areas near any downed poles and/or wires—including the ground, a car, tree or rooftop.

If you witness a pole accident, or need to repot a downed wire, call your local electric company as soon as possible.

And call us…we’re here to help.

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