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Avoid Tow Truck Scams

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

At some point in your driving career, you may find yourself in need of a tow truck.  Here are some tips to avoid getting scammed in this time of need:

  • When possible, use a towing operator pre-screened by your motor club or roadside assistance program to avoid tow truck scams.
  • Never give a tow-truck operator permission to take your car if they were not called by you or by law enforcement personnel.
  • Do not provide a tow-truck operator your insurance information
  • Make sure all signs on the truck and documentation provided are identical and consistent.
  • Whenever possible, have your car towed to either your home or a repair shop of your choice to avoid any storage fees or additional fees.
  • Make sure you sign below the dollar amount quoted, not necessarily the bottom of the document.
  • Always remove personal items and valuables before having your car towed.


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