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Car Care Tips for Spring

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Spring has arrived, and rain showers and potholes in the road are signs of the season. Keep up with these car safety checks to make sure the spring road hazards do not get in the way of a smooth drive.

  • Check your tire pressure. Did you know that vehicles are more likely to hydroplane if tires are underinflated? Inflate your tires and slow down if you see a thin layer of water on the roads.
  • Examine your car’s wheel alignment. If you have hit the inevitable pothole somewhere, have a car care professional check to make sure it has not caused misalignment. This can cause uneven tire wear, steering problems and reduced gas mileage.
  • Keep up with car washes. Not only do you want to remove any lasting winter residue like salt from outside and underneath your car, but regular washes can also remove pollen and other irritants from the car’s surface in case of seasonal allergies.
  • Inspect your wiper blades. Snow and ice can be harsh, so make sure your wipers are intact to help safely clear spring rains and avoid damage to your windshield from chipped wipers.
  • Learn more about your car with video manuals. provides free how-to maintenance videos specific to your car’s make and model. There is also a list of things to check on a routine basis to make sure the car is in top shape for each season.
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