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Green Business Trends

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

With today’s green trends, how are you coping with environmentally-friendly business practices? What if you could replace damaged business equipment with green alternatives?

If you have a covered claim with Erie Insurance’s Green Upgrade Coverage, you could cover the costs of replacing or rebuilding damaged equipment with more eco-friendly alternatives such as motion-activated lights, automatic faucets and non-toxic and/or ENERGY STAR-compliant building materials.

For example, if a business’s electrical system is damaged and needs to be replaced, Green Upgrade Coverage could cover the cost of replacing the electrical system with one that is compatible with solar panels.

Green Upgrade coverage also provides:

  • Coverage for the expense to reuse or salvage your building materials.
  • Coverage on the costs of removing and transporting recyclable construction waste to appropriate sites.
  • A 30-day extended period for loss of earnings as a result of repairs being made if reconstruction with green standards takes longer than ordinary methods.
  • Coverage of fees for the services of an accredited architect or engineer for any necessary design and engineering recommendation while the damaged portion of a building is being repaired or replaced.

Going green is the way of the future. To find real-world business success stories, visit the ENERGY STAR website.

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