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Insurance Coverage for Young Adults – Part 2

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Students away at college should practice some tips to stay safe and keep insurance claims in check. Here are a few to get you started:

Safeguard pricier items—or just leave them at home. Dorms and rentals experience up to 50 percent more incidents of theft, with expensive bikes, jewelry, watches and laptops being some of the biggest targets. So take care to lock them up or leave them at a trusted residence that doesn’t have a high level of foot traffic.

Lock your doors. Sounds obvious, but most dorm thefts occur during the day.

Fireproof your living space. Don’t leave candles, cigarettes and grills—the most common causes of fires—untended. To be extra safe, consider flameless candles, indoor grills and simply kicking the habit.

Engrave electronics. Engravings make it easier for police to track down stolen computers, televisions and iPods.

Create an inventory. By saving all receipts from major purchases, making a detailed list of everything of value in your dorm, and photographing or videotaping your possessions, submitting a claim will be easier and you’re more likely to receive reimbursement for what’s stolen or damaged. To make the process a cinch, the Insurance Information Institute offers free online home inventory software at Know Your Stuff.

Consider adding Identity Recovery coverage to your policy. Young people are more likely to experience identity theft due to the extra time they log on the internet.

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