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Insurance Coverage for Young Adults – Part 3

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Students who leave their cars at home—or those taking them to campus while keeping the car’s permanent address at their parents’—can stay on the family policy. (If you garage it at home while you’re away at school, you can save up to 25 percent off your premium.) Things change, however, when the car permanently moves with the young adult – that’s when a new policy under the young adult’s name needs to be purchased.

Less-experienced drivers enjoy knowing they have additional coverage along with their standard comprehensive coverage at no additional charge or premium. Lockout coverage, which pays up to $50 off a locksmith’s fee, or coverage for a rental car or taxi when a car is out of commission due to a covered loss, are great benefits.

Drivers should also consider optional coverages such as road service assistance that provides reimbursement for towing, labor or transportation expenses; uninsured or underinsured coverage if the other driver doesn’t have auto insurance or enough of it; your injuries, and medical payments to cover medical or death benefits in the event of an accident.

Tips to keep your car safe

Be a conservative driver. You’ll not only keep yourself and other motorists safe, but also give your wallet a boost. Obey posted speed limits, observe the rules of the road, and, most importantly, avoid calling or texting while driving.

Stick to a maintenance schedule. Mom and Dad aren’t taking care of things anymore, so show your car some love by maintaining it. Check the air filter, automatic transmission fluid level on the dipstick, accessory belts, brake fluid, battery, power-steering fluid and coolant. Also check the windshield wipers and amount of windshield washer fluid, hoses, wiring and the oil level on the dipstick. Also check the tires and keep them properly inflated.

Guard your key. More often than not, cars get stolen when owners leave keys out in the open or somewhere obvious like under the mat or visor.

Take extra precautions with used cars. Some—like inexpensive reconstructed title cars that have been rebuilt after being damaged—are unreliable.

Keep an extra long distance from—or just avoid—certain vehicles, like landscaping and dump trucks.

Hide the high-value stuff. Most thefts occur when items like GPS devices, computers and iPods are left out in plain view of passers-by. Reduce temptation by putting them in a bag or storing them in your trunk.

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