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Make Safety a Priority in Your Shop

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

As the business owner of an auto body and repair shop, you have the responsibility for the day-to-day health, safety and welfare of your employees. We know that’s no easy task.

In your industry, there are a number of potential chemical hazards and physical risks such as ergonomic injuries, noise, fumes, cutting tools and lifts as well as oil and grease on walking surfaces.

For a safer workplace environment, start with the basics:

  • Conduct routine maintenance and housekeeping measures
  • Frequently check for proper ergonomic conditions
  • Check all equipment for unsafe wear and tear
  • Educate workers on identifying hazards and risks
  • Make sure employees wear necessary protective equipment
  • Create and rehearse a worksite disaster plan
  • Control and eliminate toxic chemical use where you can
  • Make your workplace smoke-free
  • Seek support from safety experts

To help keep businesses safe, we work with Erie Insurance, which specializes in insurance coverage for small businesses. We can help you commit to safety and health practices in the workplace. An effective plan can lead to fewer worker compensation claims, a healthier staff and lower insurance premiums.

Call us at 410-897-9890 to learn more about safety and risk control services.

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