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Protecting Your Restaurant's Heart and Soul

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

The staff is the heart and soul of any restaurant. Whether it’s the chefs and line cooks who turn out amazing food, the wait staff who keep the customers happy or the office crew who keep everything running smoothly, your people are incredibly important to you.

No restaurant owner wants to see anyone get hurt on the job: not only is it awful to see a coworker hurt, but it can affect your business and can also lead to a costly workers’ compensation claim.

Here are a few ways to reduce your workers’ injuries — and your costs:

  • Get training: Take the extra time to train your employees in the safest way to do their jobs. Maybe it’s a way of carrying trays to avoid back injuries, or maybe it’s how to use that shiny new meat grinder properly. Regardless of the job, a little extra training can prevent extra injuries.
  • Get smart: Keep a record of where and when injuries occur. Is there a loose mat in the kitchen that causes slips, or are there frequent burn injuries? You may see a physical problem that needs fixing, or an area where more training is needed.
  • Get covered: An Erie Insurance Employee Liability and Workers’ Compensation policy covers employees’ costs in the case of injury and will even help you settle cases and defend you in court.

Erie Insurance can also help keep the heart and soul of your restaurant safe. ERIE’s risk control consultants can help you perform a safety audit, recommend training, help with accident investigation and generally make your life easier.

Contact us at 410-987-9890 to learn more about the coverage and the options.

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