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Seriously Good Insurance

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

You gotta love the Super Bowl. Not only do you get the gridiron excitement of football, you also get the best commercials the year has to offer. There are funny ones advertising beer and snack foods, touching ones that remind us of our childhood, and of course insurance ads.

Turn your TV to any channel, any time of the day or night, and wait for the commercial break. Odds are good you’ll see an ad for an insurance company. According to Ad Age magazine, insurance companies spent $4.15 billion on advertising in 2009 alone. That’s more than the gross national product of Barbados.

But chances are you haven’t seen a whole lot of ads for CNR Insurance or Erie Insurance. We’re not about funny advertising.  We’re about seriously good insurance. We know that if we give you amazing, personalized service, you’ll tell your friends about us. And they’ll tell their friends. And that’s ultimately better than all the ads in the world.

So next time you see a funny ad for an insurance company, consider this.  We put smiles on our customers’ faces by delivering the best service in the industry. No joke.  

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