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By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Local food. Local theater. Local products. We’re paying more and more attention to things that come directly from our own communities. Why shouldn’t your business auto insurance agent be local, too?

Everyone hates feeling like a number, and we promise never to make you feel that way. We’re local. We live in Anne Arundel County, in the same community that you do. We understand the unique dangers that face our town: how Route 50 backs up every Thursday and Friday at rush hour (and almost every weekday during the summer!) or how slippery Route 97 can be when there’s black ice in the winter. Our understanding makes it easier for us to help you avoid needing to make a claim in the first place—or how to clean up afterwards.

We also know how important your company’s vehicles are to your business’ success: without them you can’t visit clients, deliver goods and perform other critical functions. Don’t chance your business’ success on an agent who treats you like a number, or someone in a far-off city. We’ve been trusted for generations and earned a place of honor in the communities we serve. Let us help you, here and now. When it comes to your insurance agent, shop local – shop CNR Insurance.

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