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Take Crime Prevention to Work

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

To help prevent office theft and crime, refer to the following tips based on information provided by the National Crime Prevention Council, the nonprofit leader in crime deterrence:

  • Lock up your valuables – Keep your purse, wallet, keys or other valuable items with you at all times or locked in a drawer or closet.
  • Be nosey – Check the identity of any strangers who are in your office and create a visitor access policy.
  • Improve your security – Add deadbolt locks to doors and consider installing an alarm system. Monitor, audit and protect keys against unauthorized duplication. Control the access to the building, allowing only authorized employees in working and inventory areas.
  • ID your things – If you bring any personal items to work, such as a coffee pot or radio, mark them with your name or initials.
  • Keep your peepers open – Fix any broken or flickering lights, dimly lit corridors, doors that don’t lock properly or broken windows.
  • Find a friend – Don’t stay late if you’ll be alone in the office. Create a buddy system for walking to parking lots or public transportation after hours, or ask a security guard to escort you.
  • Review your policy – If you have a home office, for example, you will likely need an extra rider or endorsement on your policy. Our agency can help with that or any questions you may have about your coverage. Give us a call.

Crime is only one of the many risks that employees and business owners face at the workplace. Through Erie Insurance, we can provide you with a variety of risk control and safety services for your business. For information on the risk control services available to ERIE’s business Customers, contact us at 410-897-9890.

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