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The Value of Doing Business with an Independent Insurance Agency

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Many customers ask what the true value is of doing business with an independent insurance firm. The answer is simple. An independent agency represents a number of different insurance companies, and can compare coverage and prices to find the best possible value for your individual circumstances based on your specific business.

So, back to the basics. First what is the true meaning of an independent insurance agency? An independent insurance agency is an agency that does not work for one particular insurance company. Instead, we represent multiple carriers.   How is this a competitive advantage? The following are the main reasons we have collected that help us define what truly makes a firm like ours stand out amongst the rest.

Specific Carriers with Specific Business’

One of the biggest advantages of working with an independent insurance agent is that you will have more choices that are tailored to your line of business. Not all carriers are competitive enough in the market to represent restaurants, tech companies, contractors, and many more. Instead a lot of carriers focus on certain lines of business that they have the most experience with and understand the best. The famous quote “You can do anything but not everything” pertains to insurance carriers when it comes to representing what they are truly successful at.

Save Money

Another advantage of using an independent insurance agent is that you will be able to save money. When you look at different choices, you can generally find one that is quite a bit cheaper than the rest. The insurance agent will not try to make you focus on a particular brand or company and will instead be focused on helping you find the best deal. This will allow you to save money on your premiums and still get a policy that gives you what you need.

Unbiased Advice

Working with an independent agent can also provide you with much needed, unbiased advice. When you work with only one insurance company, they will want you to believe that they are the best option for you. In reality, they may not even be one of the top three choices that you should be looking at. Independent insurance agents are very knowledgeable about the industry and the different companies that exist in the marketplace. They have worked with customers in the past and have a good idea of which companies have the best track record when it comes to pleasing their customers. They can narrow your options down and help you choose between the best insurance companies in the market.

Help With Claims

If you have an insurance claim, this type of agent will most likely help you with the process. Since they do not work for a particular insurance company, they do not have to go by the strict protocol that company agents do. Even though the insurance company will most likely send in adjuster to look at your loss, you have an agent that will be working for you. If you are not familiar with how the process works, the insurance company can end up taking advantage of you. If you have a trained professional working for you, instead of the insurance company, you will get a fair settlement that puts you back where you were prior to the loss.
As you can see, the ability to work with an independent agency can be very advantageous towards the customer. Your cost, specific coverage, unbiased advice, along with the personal relationship that a local agency delivers when a claim arises, are all reasons to consider choosing this direction when purchasing insurance coverage.

Please give us a call today so we can tailor an insurance program that fits your needs!

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