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Top Smart Home Technology

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Most of us have smartphones. Many of us also have cars with smart technologies. But what about smart homes?

Most smart home technology integrates with a personal phone or tablet so you can control your home from virtually anywhere. This makes smart home technology easy and ultra convenient–and those are two reasons why it’s becoming the new gold standard for homes.

Interested in upgrading your home? If so, here are some smart home technology options you might want to consider.

Where’d the garage door opener go?

No more fumbling for the garage door opener as you near home. The Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door Opener ($130) does it all for you. This smart home technology comes with a wireless fence that detects when your vehicle pulls into the driveway. It then opens up the garage door and shuts it once your vehicle is parked safely inside.

Please, come inside

With many revolutionized door locks, you don’t even need a key. Smart locks have features such as keypad entry that lets you punch in a code. You also have the option to give someone a temporary password that erases after 30 days.

Then there are fingerprint scanners like the Kevo ($219) that let you simply press your finger to the device. Most still let you use an old-fashioned key if the batteries powering the device run low.

Temperature control

Heating and cooling is another home process being revolutionized by smart home technology. Older thermostats often have to be manually set (and changed). The Nest Thermostat ($249) actually learns your preferences, including your comings and goings. This means it essentially doesn’t need to be touched after the first week.

No more pesky false alarms

We’ve all experienced the shrill alarm triggered from a piece of burning toast. The Nest Protector ($99) helps circumvent false alarms by asking questions in a human voice before sounding the alarm. They call it giving you a heads-up. And if you need to silence it? A simple wave of your arm under the detector will do the trick.

The Nest Protector doubles as a carbon monoxide detector. It alerts you, in the same clear, human voice, when carbon monoxide levels are rising. It can also work in conjunction with the Nest Thermostat to turn off your furnace if it’s releasing carbon monoxide.

Turn off those lights

Ever have trouble locating a light switch in a dark room? Enter the Belkin WeMo Switch+Motion ($80). The WeMo switch allows you to turn on a light with your smartphone whether you’re near or far.

Need a hands-free option? Then try the WeMo Motion Sensor. This separate device can be assigned to the light plugged into the switch. Walk by the Motion once, and the light turns on; walk by it when exiting the room, and the light turns off.

In your excitement about all these cool gadgets, don’t forget about homeowners insurance. It can come to your rescue if any of your new technologies are damaged by a covered loss like fire, theft or water damage. Talk to a professional like your CNR Insurance Agent to learn how to protect your home.

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