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What Roads are Vulnerable to Black Ice?

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Certain roadways are more vulnerable to black ice than others. They include:

  • Areas of roads that receive little or no sunlight. These stretches of road will be slower to warm in comparison to the air and are more likely to contain black ice.
  • Seldom-used back roads.That’s because increased road traffic creates friction, warming busier roads and preventing ice formation. Shaded spaces, such as patches of road surrounded by trees, are more likely to contain black ice.
  • Tunnels and underpasses. They provide plenty of shade for black ice to develop.
  • Bridges. They tend to remain extra cool because their height gives them greater exposure to cold winds.

This doesn’t mean that these stretches of road will be covered in black ice all winter. But knowing where to look for black ice and approaching these areas with extra caution is always a good idea.

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