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Why Life Insurance for Business Owners Matters

By January 26, 2018June 22nd, 2023No Comments

Amanda Moses’ story highlights why life insurance for business owners matters. In 2001, Amanda was straightening up her home when the news came across the television: A small plane had crashed at the nearby Talladega, Ala., airport. There were no survivors.

Amanda’s husband, Jeff, and four coworkers were aboard, on their way home from a trip to see clients in Ohio. In an instant, Amanda had lost the love of her life, and her sons, Josh, 22, and Eric, 17, had lost their father.

The accident also dealt a serious blow to Auto Custom Carpets, the world’s leading manufacturer of automotive floor coverings. Jeff was president and one of three partners. The accident wiped out most of the company’s sales force, and now the jobs of more than 150 employees hung in the balance.

Ken Howell, one of Jeff’s partners and a longtime friend, didn’t panic. He knew the company would be all right because of business insurance plans put in place with the help of an independent insurance agent.

Life insurance policies for the partners funded a “buy-sell” agreement. With the proceeds from Jeff’s policy, the two remaining partners bought out Amanda’s stock, leaving them in control of the company. The business had also purchased “key person” insurance on the lives of all three partners. Within 30 days of the tragedy, money from this policy was used to hire a salesman from one of the company’s competitors.

As for Amanda and the boys, they’re financially secure because of life insurance Jeff owned individually, plus the money Amanda received through the buyout. “I feel blessed that he loved us enough to have the foresight to take care of us,” says Amanda.

Could your business and your family survive without you?

If you’re not sure, give CNR Insurance a call at 410-897-9890. We can help you understand if you have enough business insurance to protect the enterprise you worked so hard to build.

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