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You’ve Heard of Green Cars, but what about Green Music?

By January 26, 2018Personal Insurance

Today, many different innovations are shifting to “green” systems. This helps with the sustainability of the earth and makes for a healthier lifestyle. Has your family joined the green movement? You don’t have to be extreme about it. Take small steps, such as using green products at home or purchasing a green car. Or perhaps an easier route to take is listening to some green music.

What is green music you ask? The city of Annapolis has many groups and items that are green, but now it can include green musicians on its resume. The members of the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra and José-Luis Novo, the orchestra’s music director, are embracing the green movement through their music. Novo explains that this is possible due to composers always recycling material. This means they use ideas from colleagues and culture for inspiration.

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The music director follows suit with his own orchestra and has recently defined this movement by writing about music and recycling in his new book. This composition looks at issues that are usually reserved for environment and technology from the perspective of many different fields, including the arts, community development, medicine, and education. By thinking about music from the perspective of recycling chords, titles, and themes, past and present day composers are working hard to make music sustainable.

As you can see, going green can change your life for the better. This may allow you to have more of an appreciation for your family. Isn’t the well being of your loved ones priority? Then another way you can ensure a safe future for them is by having reliable life insurance. At CNR Insurance, our knowledgeable and professional agents can help you navigate your way through one of the most crucial policy decisions you will ever have to make. We offer two types of life insurance: whole and term life insurance. Individuals and families considering these options should know that there are benefits and drawbacks to each type of policy, so it is important to weigh your options and speak to an insurance professional about your needs.


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